20 Pics of Airline Food You Have to See to Believe

1. I want to say that’s soupy coleslaw but the tomato is throwing me off.

2. What is that in the middle of the rice? Is it a worm or something worse?

3. I can pretty much identify the rice. Yep, there’s rice in there.

4. Hmmm….Nope, I’ve got nothing.

5. Again, not willing to take a guess but it does look way overcooked.

6. What is that thing between the hotdog and the tomato wedge?

7. Judging by the veggies I’m betting that “meat” is way over cooked too.

8. We’re here today to say goodbye to this food that was nuked to death.

9. Nope. I don’t trust that white sauce at all. It’s there to hide something.

10. Deconstructed hamburger? Is the bun extra or did it not make it?

11. What is hiding under those pickles?

12. I don’t have enough time to study this for an educated guess.

13. This is what I’d serve if I was charging passengers to use the restroom.

14. Well, at least they’ve ruined this passenger’s appetite for sausage.

15. Is that some sort of fruit slices in toilet water?

16. More of that hideous sauce would be a good way to hide the rest of it!

17. Nope!

18. This is how you jumpstart a vomit.

19. Nothing more appetizing than sterilized whatever that is….Am I right?

20. Once upon a time there was asparagus topping that culinary mistake.

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