20 Pictures Guaranteed To Cause LOLs

We can certainly find millions of pictures online that will make us laugh. After all, the Internet is full of hilarious photos guaranteed to cause chuckles and brighten our day.

So, here are 20 pictures we found that are guaranteed to cause some LOL’s.

1. Voted ‘most likely to succeed’…

2. “Please don’t make me do it!”

3. ”What big eyes you have, Granny!”

4. Bubba’s baby picture…

5. “Can you just hurry up and take the photo? It’s time for my nap.”

6. ”Cat? What cat?”

7. ”Altogether now, let’s all strike pose.”

8. Mischievous little mutt…

9. ”Yikes! What is that stinky smell?”

10. ”Wait for me, woman!”

11. “I didn’t do it!”

12. “Fetch me another one, Bro.”

13. How a bad backdrop can ruin a great photo…

14. Epic zoo fail…

15. Num numnum…

16. “Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.”

17. ”Peek-a-boo!”

18. ”Mom, a horse ate Dad’s head!”

19. ”Dude, have you seen my surfboard?”

20. “Pictures? Is somebody taking pictures?”

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