20 Pictures Taken From Exactly The Right Angle

Special effects experts have known for decades how to shoot a few frames of film to make someone look gigantic or small, or make something (or someone) look like it’s on fire. Forced perspective is a very cool optical trick.

In this age where everyone has a camera in their pocket, sometimes these shots are just captured randomly. Most of the time, they’re shared online (usually on Imgur or Reddit). Below are twenty really cool and/or funny pics, shot from just the right angle to make you do a double take.

20. Weirdest. Cannibal. Ever.

19. That’s some trumpet!

18. Llama head.

17. Bubble goggles.

16. World’s biggest flatbed, or world’s smallest cruise ship?

15. Never say, “If I’m lying, may lightning strike me.”

14. “Smoking the road”…the wrong way.

13. Didn’t like the last outfit she chose for it.

12. She is the wind beneath his wings.

11. Eagle Doggo is the hero we don’t deserve, but need.

10. Nice legs, sir!

9. Well, you can make bread out of either.

8. This is a very important commuter business doggo.

7. Wait…what??

6. Surfing at the beach is so passé. Air hovering is next level.

5. “I’d like ya to meet Dick.”

4. Lilliputian.

3. Kicking the habit.

2. Nice melons!

And Number 1: “Heeeeeere’s Cosette!”

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