20 Pictures That Prove Relationships Between Cats and Dogs Can be Complicated

Cats and dogs can one hundred percent live in harmony…with lots and lots of interspecies behavioral tips and tricks. And hey, if you fail, you can have wonderfully funny photogenic moments!

There are thousands of great dog and cat pics online, but here are twenty illustrating how very complicated the relationship is between felis catus and canis lupus.

20. Start them off together at this age for the surest chance at bonding.

19. They don’t have to have the same coloring, but it can’t hurt, right?

18. Of course, little brothers are gonna get their brother on.

17. Or whatever this is.

16. And they can’t even behave in front of human mom and dad.

15. And they may need to punch it out.

14. Or wear each other’s clothes. Or each other.

13. Maybe dogs confuse the words “hat” and “cat.”

12. Whatever you do, balance the cat to dog ratio!

11. One fearsome feline is scary enough…

10. But a pack of kittens is pure horror!

9. Even one is enough to inspire terror.

8. So show them who’s boss by sitting on them…

7. …before they sit on you.

6. A cat will step on you when you’re down.

5. And even steal your thunder on your birthday.

4. Always plotting against you.

3. (Or trying to get back at you…you know what you did, dog.)

2. Because you’re always going to be bigger than that cat.

So it has to love you!

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