20 Pictures That Prove Sometimes Cats Can Be Pure Evil

Crazy cat people seem to love their feline friends and furbabies unconditionally, but they can try the patience of even the looniest cat lover. Sometimes, our little pointy friends can seem downright…evil.

Are these pictures just carefully timed and lit images of kitties onto which we have ascribed our human foibles? Or are they evidence of escalating evil? You decide.

1. This cat who is probably plotting your death if you’re totally honest with yourself.

2. This cat who sees you lovingly tending to your plants and is 100 percent going to show them who REALLY deserves the attention around here:

3. This cat who is utterly unconcerned with whether or not you are warm or if monsters will get your exposed limbs:

4. This cat who clearly doesn’t understand that we don’t clean ourselves the same way:

5. This cat who is unimpressed by your Netflix and Chill selection and is about ten seconds away from pushing your screen over:

6. This feline foe to all nostalgic craft and hobby projects:

7. This kitty who seems uninclined to share the rainbow:

8. This heckin’ cute doggo will probably not be smiling on the couch much longer:

9. And this dog will definitely not last the night:

10. COME ON what kind of monster eats Captain America’s head?!

11. And what exactly is going on here?!

12. We appear to have interrupted a feline/human wizard battle:

13. And also a crime in progress…

14. Ah HA! He is a notorious shoe chewer!

15. But this one is committing insurance fraud…

16. While this one causes civil unrest…

17. And this one is just downright rude!

18. But at least he’s never drawn blood…

19. …or tried to GOUGE OUT SOMEONE’S EYES…

20. …or, you know, stockpiled ammo. Look at him, thinking about all the times his litter box wasn’t scooped enough. The bitterness is palpable!

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