20 Pictures That Prove Sometimes Kids Can Be Pure Evil

Okay, so kids may not be evil but sometimes it seems quite possible. In reality there is only one group of people who can destroy just about anything in under two minutes. That group is of course young children. You turn your back on them for a mere moment and they can either disappear or destroy your possessions. Lord help you if you take the time to visit the restroom because that can lead to a major catastrophe when children are around. Here are some images that will forever make you question the definition of Evil.

1. Look who found the scissors?

2. World’s most patient dog.

3. Learning at a young age how to place the blame on others.

4. We’re about to find out how much Dad loves you little girl.

5. Probably did this in less than 2 minutes.

6. Why is it always on the face?

7. Never take away markers and tablets as punishment unless you want this.

8. Little orange and purple angels.

9. Why eat your snack when you can wear it instead?

10. Vomiting on Dad set to expert level.

11. Please be chocolate….Please be chocolate.

12. It’s all fun and games until mom makes you clean it up eh junior?

13. Oh look….she’s graduated from messing up the floor.

14. This ‘mugshot’ will be used against you at a later date.

15. Who needs paint when you have a bloody nose?

16. Caught in the act and he don’t care.

17. Let me guess.…there’s no ice-cream.

18. Look who taught himself to use the hair clippers.

19. Decorated the laptop for ya. You’re welcome!

20. Flour….who says it’s only for baking?

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