20 Pictures That Will Make You Nostalgic For the Nineties

1. This is the book that gave Gen-Xers their name. It was published in 1991 and is the most 90’s thing ever created.

2. The tv show Friends was everywhere. You could not get away from it.

3. It was a time of strange relationships.

4. And we got to know Will Smith

5. And the Spice Girls

6. These are all gone now.

7. And so are these.

8. But Gwen Stefanie is still around.

9. Remember these Tupperwear pitchers?

10. Or how about this abomination?

11. This is a cell phone from the Jurassic period.

12. And Madonna from the same time period.

13. Computers were colourful!

14. And our shoes matched our computers.

15. We read very 1990s books.

16. And waited for the verdict!

17. And pitied poor old Donald Trump who just wanted to find love.

18. Many were shocked that a celebrity was out and proud.

19. Also shocked that Sharon Stone showed her coochie in Basic Instinct

20. And cars were very, very round.

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