20 Pictures That Will Make You Nostalgic For the Sixties

1. Ah, carefree days

2. Marily

3. Times Square

4. 1960s Architecture was severe

5. Hippies in Golden Gate Park

6. The Beatles were changing music

7. And the Supremes were absolutely stunning

8. JFK and Jackie

9. Martin Luther King had a dream

10. Food was… maybe not good but convenient

11. Interior design was … not to my taste, let’s say.

12. “Are you trying to seduce me, Mrs. Robinson?”

13. Surfer movies were also a thing

14. Fast food was so affordable (at least from a 2017

15. Grocery stores were busy

16. The war was causing a rift through the US

17. TVs were… weird

18. Twiggy was an icon

19. Go-go dancing!

20. Fashion was questionable

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