20 Sexist Vintage ads

As we evolve as a society we change our language, our ideas and our views. Depending on your point of view these changes may or may not make our world a better place to live. What has significantly changed are the rolls of men and women. The following list of ads would never make it in today’s world. The companies would be boycotted and put out of business. Some may find these ads offensive but most will hopefully find them funny since we’ve all come so far from “those days”.

1. Silly girls, you need to be reminded to change your panties.

2. Well, actually you can be “somebody’s” secretary. Isn’t that great?

3. I wonder why ads never focused on the shape and size of men.

4. Yep, that’s what we want. The cleanest clothes on the block.

5. So pop those pills and work your butt off for your man!

6. Maybe if she’s real lucky he’ll get it for her before Christmas…

7. Every wife’s dream list. Right?!

8. So easy a ‘cavewoman’ could use one?

9. She’s so smart that she’s an expert in buying clothes she can’t wear.

10. And don’t know how to use a weapon…

11. His breath doesn’t matter because he’s a man but yours better be sweet.

12. And we just love a good Neanderthal, don’t we ladies?

13. Soft skin is your duty ladies.

14. Because she deserves it, being pretty and pregnant and all.

15. Because ‘chubby’ girls deserve to be cute too.

16. Because that’s what it’s all about….pleasing your husband.

17. What? No orange juice. She’s a slacker.

18. It lets you sit and iron his clothes? Wow. How great is that?

19. I’m seeing a pattern here. It’s all about what she needs to do for him.

20. Racist and sexist. I have no words except glad these days are behind us.

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