20 Stunning Photographs Of The Human Race

1. American soldiers dance with Dutch children during World War II.

2. A young boy feeds his mother, who has lost both her arms.

3. A firefighter gives a koala water after a serious bushfire in Victoria, Australia.

4. A heart surgeon completes a successful 23-hour surgery on a patient. His assistant is asleep in the corner.

5. Soldier Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months

6. A heroic villager in flood-devastated Cuttack City, India, rescues a stranded kittens with a basket on his head.

7. An albino 3-week old baby sleeps beside his cousin in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

8. A baby girl was separated from her family during a firefight in the Iraq War. U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett cradles her and offers comfort.

9. A Nihang Sikh

10. A little girl survived 11 days and nights in a Siberian forest alone.

11. A Yezidi girl flees Isis with her family.

12. An Ethiopian girl from the Hamer tribe.

13. SomayehMehriand her three-year old daughter were both disfigured in an acid attack – but their love was not affected at all.

14. Shaolin monks in training

15. A woman with Ambras Syndrome.

16. An elder of the Rabari Tribe in India

17. A mother brings her malnourished baby to an emergency feeding centre in Niger

18. A 106-year old Armenian woman guards her home.

19. A Jordanian soldier warms and comforts a Syrian baby.

20. A woman attends Burning Man.

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