20 Surprising Alternative Uses For Everyday Things

There are all kinds of alternative uses for everyday things. While some items have multiple uses, other objects can serve a dual purpose as well. Either way, here are 20 surprising alternative uses for everyday items:


Lemons are one of those everyday household items that can serve multiple purposes. However, they are widelyknown to be a fantastic cleaning agent. Lemons can be used to clean microwaves, coffee pots, white marble, ivory, furniture, garbage disposals, faucets, ovens, and even refrigerators. Squeeze some lemon into a little water and it will help remove just about any stain or smelly odor.

2.Potato Chips

Potato Chips close up shot

There is just enough oil in most potato chips that they can be used as fire kindling.


Mix a little mustard with some hot water and you’ve got yourself a fantastic deodorizer.

4.Baking Soda

Baking soda is another incredible deodorizer. Just sprinkle some in a bowl, leave it open inside the area with the unpleasant smell (refrigerator, freezer, cabinet, pantry, etc.), and the smell will be gone within a couple of days.


Egg whites are rather sticky, and when they dry, they can be used as a glue substitute, especially when gluing paper or light cardboard.


Coffee can be used to repel insects. If you put some coffee grounds in your plants and other areas, it will keep the pests away. Not only does coffee have a strong odor that insects dislike, it is also acidic, which keeps the ants away. Not to mention the fact that when you add coffee grounds to your garden, it also serves as a good fertilizer.


Newspaper is great for cleaning windows. In fact, it works better than a cloth for preventing streaks. For the best results, use a vinegar-and-water solution instead of chemical cleaner.

8.Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are great for removing scuff marks off of your floor. Scuff marks from shoes, chairs, etc., can be difficult to remove with a rag or mop. But the friction from the fabric on the tennis ball’s surface rubbing on the floor removes the scuffs rather easily.

9.Olive oil –

Olive oil is a safe and natural substitute for shaving cream. Be sure to rub a little more into your skin after washing for a little extra moisture.

10.Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are great for cleaning all the nooks and crannies around the house. Old brushes can be used to clean small objects like keyboards, camera lenses, remote controls, and all the difficult-to-reach- nooks. Just be careful with wet brushes around electronics.


Vinegar makes an excellent window cleaner. Add a little vinegar to some water, and wipe windows with newspaper for a great sparkle.

12.Tooth Brushes

Old toothbrushes are excellent for cleaning jewelry. You can use the brush with or without cleaner. The bristles will not scratch most materials, but do not use to clean pearls.


Mouthwash can be used to relieve poison ivy. When applied to poison ivy, it can relieve the itching and inflammation, and will also help dry it.

14. Q-tips

Spray the ends of a few Q-tips with your favorite perfume, put them in plastic baggies, and then stash them in your purse to touch up throughout the day.

15. Soda Tabs

Soda tabs make excellent hooks for when you are hanging pictures on the wall. They also make great jewelry, belts, and purses.

16. Cooking Spray

Cooking spray works as a great quick-dry for nail polish. A spritz of cooking spray can certainly speed up the drying process. Not to mention the fact that it also moistures the cuticles.

17.Coffee Filters

Coffee filters make great filters for your camera’s flash. When taking close ups, you can use a coffee filter to soften the brightness.

18.Dryer Sheets

You can use dryer sheets to reduce static cling. Just pat yourself with a sheet to combat static on your clothes and hair.



19. Flat Iron

You can use a flat iron to iron your clothes if you don’t have an iron available or if your clothes only have a minor crease.

20.Duct Tape

There are so many uses for duct tape that it’s so difficult to count. You can use it to make a wallet, clothing, jewelry, and even emergency flip-flops. It’s also great for hair removal and removing warts. Heck, you can even use duct tape to make refrigerator shelves.

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