20 Terrible Parents (Pics)

As a parent I’ll be the first to admit that not only do children not come with directions but sometimes parents are at a loss as to what to do in certain situations. Thankfully there are things that are supposed to come naturally to all humans to help us along the way. Common sense is supposed to be coupled with basic human instinct so that we protect and nurture our offspring. Sadly, as the human gene pool becomes muddied with those who are kept among the herd artificially, we have begun to lose both common sense and human instinct when it comes to raising our children. One glance at this list will prove that we are no longer a species which progresses by survival of the fittest but more likely survival by sheer dumb luck!

1. When you get your daughter in the kitchennaturally it’s for teaching proper twerking techniques….right?

2. Okay, so the kid didn’t come with directions but I bet the kid carrying backpack did!

3. Speaking of directions….read the bag, lady!

4. Keep this photo kid because one day your dad will deny this happened.

5. And this is where she learned about “bogarting”.

6. Judging by the diaper bag these parents know more about diaper rash than road rash!

7. Yes, but is that a D.O.T. approved bucket seat?

8. This poor kid is now the “poster child” for bad parenting.

9. Do plastic bags have some special powers that I don’t know about?

10. Hold your child at least as carefully as you’d hold your beer, lady!

11. Well, he does have some talent so there’s that.

12. Passing on the family’s traditions is just so important these days.

13. So, are we to assume that mom and dad missed the “adult supervision required” part of the package?

14. Out-of-site isn’t supposed to equal out of your mind.

15. At least her children are, um, supportive?

16. ‘Beer with your birthday cake because we’re better than those Kool-Aid parents’.

17. Is there a terrible parent hall of fame? If there is I know who I’m nominating.

18. Sadly, giving this baby Cheetos is the least of his bad parenting choices.

19. Terrible parent practicing how to be a good parent, kind of?

20. Embracing the title of terrible parent like a boss!

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