20 Things It’s Impossible To Un-Notice Once You Notice Them

1. The hidden bear in the Tobelerone logo.

2. Katy Perry is Jared Leto’s twin.

3. Drowning LOL.

4. This caterpillar wears a penguin pattern.

5. The Lord of the Rings and Teletubbies is basically the same story.

6. The Dodge Viper logo upside down looks like Daffy Duck.

7. Leonardo Di Vinci was memeing before memes were cool.

8. Oh no.

9. That can not be an accident, can it?

10. Trix cereal looks like rabbit poo.

11. House’s nose has a nose.

12. Emma Watson is a dead ringer for Richard Dawkins

13. There is an I in Team.

14. Tom Cruise has a tooth where it shouldn’t be.

15. The neckline of this dress.

16. The collar of Wendy’s shirt says “Mom”. Awww.

17. Wifi.

18. The Batman symbol on this adorable pug’s forehead.

19. Drunk octopus.

20. Tommy Lee Jones’ scowl.

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