20 Villainous Cats Who Are Plotting Your Demise

1. You wonder why there is never any ice cream

2. Your life is in my paws

3. Pirate Cat says ‘Arrrgghhhh!’

4. What? I’m just a sweet little kitty

5. Komrade Kat is watching you.

6. Vengeance shall be mine

7. Wanna fight about it?

8. Well, what do you expect?

9. Tickle my chin, I dare you

10. I will end you

11. Wait till she sees what I left on her bed

12. No, no need to worry about your brakes.

13. We are small, the pain you will feel is not

14. Ah, lunch!

15. Give me your eyes

16. My sofa!

17. Excellent!

18. Charging lasers:

19. What? It wasn’t us!

20. Thought he looked familiar

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