20 weight loss transformations you won’t believe

These amazing people are walking #goals. Whether they became mindful eaters and movers, got the surgery, or both, these folks show that all of us can achieve even the most daunting of fitness goals.

20. She started running BEFORE her after picture.

19. Now she has amazing hair AND fitness!

18. Getting buff is a great way to burn fat.

17. Her cute smile never changed.

16. She’s still stylin’, just smaller.

15. Time to give those shorts away!

14. Tiny after 100 lb loss.

13. She must have called a seamstress!

12. He burned away his belly.

11. Tremendous determination!

10. From rip tides to ripped abs!

9. She doesn’t need a hoodie to feel confident now.

8. A little transformation, but a huge smile.

7. She was always glamorous.

6. More than half the size she was!

5. This is a picture of determination.

4. Always tough…now fit!

3. Pretty stunning.

2. This dad bod got chiseled.7

And number 1, because she’s so fit and CHEERFUL, too!

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