20 WTF Perfectly Timed Photos You Can’t Unsee

There are a lot of WTF pictures on the internet but not all of them are the type that once you see it you can’t unsee. These 20 pictures are the kind that stick with you a long time after you ‘ve seen them. Buckle up and enjoy this ride!

1. Tasty!

2. That pen is between them.

3. Nice view

4. What is she packing?

5. Ummm…

6. This guy always has his head up there.

7. And look again!

8. This one cracked me up.

9. She’s a dog face.

10. That fish may be a merman…

11. Not Siamese.

12. Baby’s got back!

13. Thanks for the tip.

14. LOL

15. Nice ones…knees I mean.

16. Those are 3 dogs not a tripod.

17. And the dogs are really into it.

18. The front legs on this anteater looks like a panda.

19. WTF?

20. You do and they did too …

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