20 Yahoo! Answers Questions So Bizarre You’ll Lose Faith In Humanity

Sometimes you have a question that you just can’t seem to find an answer to. In these times, we usually turn to the internet as a source of knowledge and ask the online community to help us out.

Sometimes the questions asked are so stupid or strange that the only proper reaction is a nice, firm facepalm.

For instance…

1. Oh boy…

2. Little known fact…

3. Fall from what height, though?

4. Just… get out.

5. You throw food in its cage whenever it howls

6. Have you tried sprinkling wing seeds on your back and watering them regularly?

7. Cats are always judging you, no matter what. Yolo.

8. WHY??

9. Let’s send this person up to try first.

10. Only those thick wool ones.

11. He probably wants to know why you’re hurting yourself.

12. Have you tried not putting on your mother’s bras?

13. This doesn’t sound like historical accuracy to me.

14. Is there like a twin section at your grocery store or…?

15. Isn’t there a stick you can pee on?

16. Isn’t Iceland where Santa and his elves live?

17. Step 1: Get better friends

18. Does it smell like her perfume?

19. It’s probably best if it’s not your child. You don’t need to be breeding.

20. “Water is exactly 0% celery.”

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