21 Genius Life Hacks That Were Discovered By Lazy People

Lazy people. Sometimes we need them to show us genius shortcuts to saving time and conserving energy for better things.

So, here are 21 genius life hacks that were discovered by lazy people:

1. Showering with the dog(s) to save time.

2. Keeping an orange cone in the car to reserve a parking spot.

3. Using hand sanitizer as deodorant.

4. Quick and easy cereal without dirtying a bowl.

5. Making sure you don’t sleep on somebody else’s shoulder.

6. Turning underwear inside out so you can wear them again without washing.

7. Using a chair while waiting in line at a fast food chain.

8. Wheeling the trashcan to the curb.

9. Switching cell phone to airplane mode when you’re drinking too avoid sending regrettable texts.

10. Using a laptop as a heating pad for cramps.

11. Using the Keurig to cook noodles

12. Using a shoe as a cup holder.

13. Never having to hold your iPad while resting in the bed.

14. Instant six-pack abs.

15. Another way to rest while watching your favorite video.

16. Using the baby as a buffer.

17. Mowing the grass with the push lawnmower.

18. Wearing a hoodie backward so it can serve as a popcorn bowl

19. Using a purse as pillow while sleeping erect.

20. Never having to turn another door handle again.

21. Using a rope to swing the children.

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