21 Hair-do Fails You Need to See

There are fads and then there are fails. I get that we all have bad hair days but these folks actually think their hair looks just fine. In fact, they did this to their hair on purpose. I know hair is nothing more than dead cells yet these people managed to kill their hair a second time. I present you with what not to do to your hair.

1. Anyone else glad the 70’s are 40+ years behind us?

2. How exactly do those bangs stick to his forehead?

3. Expert level use of hairspray.

4. Time, dedication and a nose clip?

5. Jaundice Man?

6. With that hair-do you better have the attitude to back it up!

7. The whole hair cut cost 10 bucks but he only had $8.00….right?

8. Let me guess her favorite breed of dog.

9. I want to name this one. The Halo.

10. So many comments yet so little space.

11. The front “poof” can only be worn by a real man.

12. Tell me this is because his girlfriend is a Beauty College student.

13. When you run out of the barber shop a bit too early.

14. Reverse bowl cut?

15. When you find out your crush has a ‘thing’ for reptiles?

16. Thank goodness hair grows back.

17. The hair lasso displaying a partial head catch.

18. Now your woman has something to lead you around by dude.

19. All he needs now is a clever slogan to apply over his visor.

20. I bet that mullet brings all the boys to the yard.

21. Raise your hand if you’re shocked this was seen at Walmart.

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