21 Hilarious Pictures That Will Definitely Give You Some Trust Issues

A picture is worth a thousand words — a thousand and ten if it’s made of LIES. The following photos will remind you that even pictures aren’t proof, and that everybody is trying to sell you something.

21. Um…but I can still see it.

20. Well, that’s corn, but a nice cold glass of corn juice doesn’t sound as delightful.

19. Maybe it was Opposite Day when they were naming countries.

18. Look, all make up does is prove that everyone is beautiful after foundation!

17. This is sadistic.

16. Oh, like weather associated things can ever be trusted!

15. This is why people with celiac disease live in daily terror.

14. Been there AND done that.

13. This poster’s parents said they threw her snacks away…INTO THEIR BELLIES.

12. ‘‘Tis the season…to DECEIVE.

11. What??

10. I hope this child learns to love again.

9. What did she do it with?? Steel wool?

8. Soft raisin cookies MUST BE LABELED.

7. Excuse me, I’d like to speak to someone about a refund.

6. The important thing is that you FEEL like you’re doing something good.

5. This is demonic.

4. My dreams of bountiful towels…shattered!

3. Blame Canada!

2. One assumes this young man is dead now.

And number 1, JUST NO.

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