23 of the Most Bizarre Canned Foods You’ll Ever See

We all know that one person who will eat just about anything. Maybe they’ll do it on a dare or for a laugh or maybe they’ll do it because they actually enjoy the taste. However….when there are enough people who eat strange stuff, food companies will start canning those products and selling them en masse. I’m sure many of these foods were created for cultural or economic reasons but just thinking about eating these things makes my stomach ache. Enjoy!

1. Just….why?

2. Fantasy versus Reality.

3. Pudding or STD?

4. And how hungry does one have to be to discover that some nests are edible?

5. If it tastes like chicken then just eat chicken and skip the bone picking.

6. Who is this hungry….seriously?

7. Anyone know which wine pairs well with varmint meat?

8. How do you heat this up so the layers don’t mix?

9. Escargot without the shells….yum.

10. Kahn’s Choice? Like Genghis Kahn? Is it a ‘thing’ to be like him?

11. Is this what happens when you don’t make a certain sled team?

12. I’ve heard of ‘brain food’ but this is a bit much!

13. When you just can’t wait for huntin’ season to come around.

14. Judging by the number of these birds still around not enough people eat this.

15. Cured? So it’s one of the tongues that ate the Spotted Dick?

16. Don’t look for the tongue. It’s in a different can.

17. This is a black fungus that can infect ears of corn. Not Soup!

18. Don’t take the kids to the zoo to see a camel just open this can instead.

19. Ancient Chinese secret: Shark fins enhance sexual potency. (So they say)

20. A traditional Scottish dish of sheep organs cooked in the sheep’s stomach.

21. And how do you cook it? Fry it in a pan perhaps? Just buy regular bacon.

22. Thought they hunted whales for “research purposes only”. Perhaps they are researching how much whale meat they can get into those tiny cans?

23. Leave it to Russia to find a way to can food that will bite you back.

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