25 Celebrities Who Have Aged TERRIBLY!

Aging is hard to do gracefully. It’s harder still when you’re trying to do it in the public eye where everyone judges you on your physical appearance more than anything else you do. It’s both sad and shocking to see our favorite celebrities age in such a way that we can barely recognize them.

1. Steven Tyler

2. Mickey Rourke

3. Matt Lauer

4. Gary Busey

5. Jean Claude Van Damme

6. Barbara Streisand

7. Val Kilmer

8. Melanie Griffith

9. Billy Idol

10. Brigitte Bardot

11. Nick Nolte

12. Geena Davis

13. Goldie Hawn

14. Edward Furlong

15. David Hasselhoff

16. Joan Van Ark

17. Jack Nicholson

18. Keith Richards

19. Lisa Robin Kelly

20. Macaulay Culkin

21. Mick Jagger

22. Steven Seagal

23. Pierce Brosnan

24. Tom Berenger

25. Kathleen Turner

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