25 freaking amazing prom fail photos

Going to prom is a rite of passage. For many it’s their first formal dance. It’s all about the dress for the girls. Getting just the right dress can be as stressful as buying a wedding dress for some. And nothing brings the night together like taking those photos. Sometimes what starts out as a good idea may not seem so great once you take out that old photo album and try to wonder what the heck you were thinking. Thankfully the internet is here to provide us with those WTF moments, whether they like it or not.

1. Walk out onto the dock they said. It will make a great shot they said.

2. Getting the stool into the picture defeats the whole purpose of said stool.

3. The anti-Prom?

4. That photo is a keeper for her father so he can ID this guy.

5. Taking baby momma and baby to the prom? Okay then.

6. Oh My Gawd!

7. Hunting themed Prom?

8. Well at least she’s not going to Prom alone.

9. Another way to take baby to the Prom.

10. The Melon sisters go to Prom?

11. He better pray it’s his parents taking that photo and not hers!

12. Do you remember the 80’s? They will be forced to forever.

13. When a city boy plays redneck on Prom night?

14. When Patriotism meets homemade.

15. More homemade glory for the memory book.

16. It’s like a ‘glamor shot’ for their accessories!

17. Because kitties want to go to Prom too.

18. Guess who’s going to grow up to be a helicopter parent?

19. Make sure you get those bystanders in the background….nice!

20. Just do it?

21. Oh, a double dose of their interesting style.

22. When you get to take that special photo with your dad before Prom.

23. Werk boots?

24. Daddy promised his little girl a Prom date.

25. The 80’s where the guys had as much mousse in their hair as the girls.

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