25 Funny but Quite Painful Pictures

We can all agree that injuries are not funny, just ask the person who was injured. Yet sometimes photos of these injuries can be downright hilarious. So while we don’t want to laugh at the person or their injury we don’t mind having a chuckle at their expense when we see a photo that we just can’t help but enjoy. So let’s enjoy some well-timed photos of rather painful situations.

1. I’ll give him an ‘8’ for his fancy dismount.

2. Good place for a new doorway.

3. Tell me again why they don’t wear pads and helmets in Rugby.

4. Spear fishing gone wrong. Very, very wrong.

5. When a horse says “nope” to a jump.

6. So who wants to go play a nice game of paintball?

7. Missed his eye by millimeters. Luckiest man alive that day.

8. Gravity in 3…2…1.

9. What’s round, has stitches and can give you 2 black eyes, a broken nose and a migraine with one hit?

10. What kind of animal can teach a man to fly? A horse, of course.

11. Look Mom….no hands!

12. Rolex not roll over!

13. It always looks so easy until you actually try it yourself.

14. And just like that….his dreams of fatherhood were dashed forever.

15. I’m hoping that’s a hospital in the background.

16. Kangaroo boxing is a spectator sport.

17. That’s an awful small hill for the amount of pain it’s going to cause.

18. Feet off the ground hard? I feel that in my stomach.

19. Welcome to kickboxing hockey.

20.Spontaneous handstand because why?

21. Who knew that a snow ski could steal your dignity and save your life at the same time?

22. At least there will ice nearby for the pain….

23. The mid-air hug is harder to pull off then these guys make it look.

24. I bet ‘pain’ isn’t the only 4 letter word going through his head right now.

25. When kickboxing Giraffe says “no” you better listen

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