25 Funny Chalk Board Signs That are Basically Weird

1. That might explain some things.

2. Because why advertise when you can accuse, oh I mean amuse.

3. Unfair but effective tactic.

4. Hmmm….never thought of that one.

5. I like my enemy’s tears soup to be extra salty.

6. Enter at your own risk?

7. Seems legit.

8. Save a little money for more therapy to resolve this guilt trip.

9. Fair assessment.

10. Reverse psychology?

11. What more could you ask for?

12. They’re selling what exactly?

13. Selling protection.

14. Forgo advertising altogether and just pass out insults? Interesting tactic.

15. Threat or promise?

16. Okay, I’m sold.

17. Mincemeat?

18. More guilt induced advertising….it must work.

19. Well in that case….

20. Turning sour grapes into money? Well played!

21. Weird but true.

22. Husband daycare? Brilliant!

23. Who is this supposed to attract?

24. LSD roulette? Okay!

25. Gotta give this guy an A for effort!

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