25 Hilarious Animal Shaming Photos That Will Make You Hug Your Pet

Pets are wonderful additions to any family. They’re something to love unconditionally and care for even when the going gets tough.
But as these frustrated pet parents have learned, it’s not always a walk in the park.

1. That’s An Expensive Meal

2. Basically Me As A Dog

3. Well… That’ll Do It

4. And She Would Have Gotten Away With It Too…

5. Worst. Cat. Ever.

6. He Doesn’t Seem Upset By It

7. And You Thought Kibble Was Bad

8. That’s A Strong Dog

9. I Should Feel Bad For Laughing But…

10. Well That’s ONE Way To Wake Up

11. Opinionated Pup

12. Animals Are Interesting

13. “And I Smile About It”

14. I Need Someone To Shame Me Like This

15. Just… Okay

16. The Devious Duo

17. Adding Insult To Injury

18. Ewwwwww

19. He’s Actually SMILING

20. I Need To Use This Trick

21. *Snort*

22. I Didn’t Want Lunch Anyway

23. Not All Heroes Wear Capes

24. Uh, GROSS

25. Hilarious Disaster

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