25 Hilarious Construction Mistakes

There’s an old adage out there for just about everything including construction. The construction adage is “measure twice, cut once”. This is very important to prevent mistakes. However there is far more to construction than just measuring. For instance, planning is a great idea as is logistics. After all, if a road needs to get you from point A to point B unimpeded then it’s pretty important for the construction process to plan this out and make it happen. Sadly, the following pictures prove that forward thinking and planning aren’t really important to some project managers. Actually, it would appear that little to no thinking takes place at all. At least their mistakes provide some excellent entertainment for us but probably not to those who had to pay the bill(s).

1. This rental includes your own private balcony….well, until the train comes.

2. So who gets fired, the architect or the landscape artist?

3. Giants enter to the left, dwarfs to the right!

4. Because the government knows best!

5. It won’t hold much water but the fireworks show will be great!

6. Driveway stairs, the next big “thing”!

7. Stop using the phone meant for giants….get your own!

8. Because drunk people need their own steps.

9. Where’s the “third floor, coming soon” sign?

10. But why?

11. That’s one way to stop skateboarders from using your sidewalk.

12. Well, at least you can’t see their faces….that’s the important part.

13. Slalom parking. Should be an Olympic sport.

14. HA! Let me guess. Emergency exit!

15. Who knew you’d have to explain the idea of access to a builder?

16. How did you not notice this pole at any point during construction?

17. At this point this actually seems legit!

18. Because….Siamese twins?

19. Improvise and adapt and you too shall overcome stupidity!

20. Another builder who can’t grasp the idea of access.

21. The richest guy in this town is the brake shop owner.

22. At this point the hand rail is just an insult.

23. Traffic access? Check! Pedestrian access? Screw’em.

24. When the government requires wheelchair access but won’t allow you to remove the tree for environmental reasons…..

25. The headless children’s playground?

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