25 Hilarious Life Struggles That Are So True They Hurt

1. True story.

2. Mom life problems.

3. Yelling helps too.

4. When hours can seem like seconds…

5. Yeah…that’s why Mom needs to be told she’s pretty.

6. The struggle is real.

7. Don’t judge me!

8. Do I have to move?

9. I’m practically and Olympian.

10. Decisions …decisions.

11. I have my coffee, it’s cool.

12. I’m lost and it’s so cold.

13. And that’s not even talking about the ice cream machine being broke since 1989.

14. OMG! This is sooooo true.

15. Couple hours is way generous.

16. This is why I vowed to only marry a man with a normal and easy to say last name.

17. Um yeah I will just wedgie myself and be done with it.

18. Shuts eyes and vows to get those last few sec (BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ) Dang it!

19. Yes get out here and leave it to us tubbies!

20. It’s like the mirror suddenly become a fun house mirror.

21. Nom, nom, nom….

22. But my heart will go on…so it must eat now.

23. Split the difference!

24. Don’t make me choose – I love you all!

25. Yes.

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