25 of the Craziest Things People See While Driving

It’s not supposed to be out of the ordinary to drive down the road to your desired destination. Just a run of the mill normal thing most of us do daily. But thanks to the not so ordinary people we share the planet with this mundane task can become quite an eye opening experience. So, the next time you get in your car and head down the open road look closely at those around you and see if you can top these 25 pictures.

1. You know, because who doesn’t take their Hereford calf for a car ride?

2. Look at his scooter. I’d be disappointed if he didn’t have a pet monkey.

3. I knew the old lady lived in a shoe. I didn’t know it was a mobile home.

4. Nothing to see here, just a Belted Galloway high-centered on a guard rail.

5. When you don’t know the meaning of “going for a ride with my pony”.

6. Trailer sold separately.

7. So much crap on this car he had to start a second pile.

8. And here you have the street legal jet….wait….what?

9. Waiting for his wife to get back from shopping?

10. A Land Pirate on the hunt for Land Shark perhaps?

11. Carpool lane qualified!

12. Party on the go….no questions asked.

13. A one horsepower scooter.

14. At this point I’m just grateful that the horse is not inside the car.

15. Of course Jabba’s sail barge is rolling down the road. Why wouldn’t it be?

16. Yep, that just happened.

17. I’m almost curious to see what the inside of this person’s house looks like.

18. Naturally. Who doesn’t see this on their way to the grocery store?

19. You’ll have to believe his fish story now, won’t ya?

20. Double-decker donkey cart.

21. Eddie Munster’s first car?

22. What’s more rare than seeing a baby dear in a car? Seeing two of course.

23. This level of dedication is impressive.

24. I don’t know who to pray for first….The humans or the cow.

25. You need more friends so you’ll know at least one person with a truck!

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