25 Pictures Taken at Exactly the Right Moment Featured Image

Perfect moments in life are few and far between. Even rarer are perfectly timed photos that capture a microsecond in time that will probably never be captured again. Not only do these photos tell a story but they tell the best part of the story and sometimes it’s the exact moment when something in the story went all wrong. So let’s take a not so perfect moment to witness some of the exactly right moments to press that shutter.

1. One quarter second before impact.

2. The moment this carp realized his own mortality.

3. Who wants to kiss those lips?

4. Precise click equals superpower?

5. Flying kitty will not be received well.

6. Another superpower captured by timing?

7. Capturing perfection.

8. The moment that showing off for girls goes all wrong.

9. His very last moment captured forever.

10. Subliminal messaging?

11. Uncanny isn’t it?

12. The exact moment a violent clash looks romantic.

13. Buddha reminding us of reality?

14. Not the right way to photobomb.

15. Animals have superpowers too.

16. When you realize that your friend is serious.

17. The half second before sheer terror fills this cat.

18. I wonder if he thinks he looks as good as he thought he did.

19. The thrill of victory being put on ice.

20. This dog’s opinion of politics?

21. The horse version of a headstand looks more graceful than I imagined.

22. Finding his inner Llama?

23. The exact moment he changed his mind about wearing a helmet?

24. Perfect moment to reconsider his occupation?

25. Photobomb level? EXPERT!

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