25 Pumpkin Spiced Things You Have to See

Fall is here and with it comes Pumpkin Spiced everything whether we like it or not. Some things taste great with Pumpkin Pie Spices. Others not so much. But like with all things in America we tend to go overboard looking to satisfy a need we don’t really have. In this case it’s making everything we can with Pumpkin Pie spices. It doesn’t really matter if they taste good or smell good at this point. On the bright side we’ll all be tired of these things by December just in time for Peppermint tainted everything.

1. Oh, that Thanksgiving Day Pie breath all day long….yum.

2. This could be better than regular Twinkie flavor.

3. Not even on a double dog dare.

4. Have the whole season covered with these.

5. Why?

6. Of course. Have to make sure that you smell like Pumpkin Pie too.

7. This might be good roasted over a flame.

8. Why am I not surprised?

9. Yes, by all means….start your day off with Pumpkin Spice.

10. What? What? What?

11. Oh, there’s the sauce for the ravioli….ugh!

12. This seems like a good idea.

13. Oh geez…. Not a good idea.

14. Should have seen this one coming.

15. No one saw this one coming.

16. If you want the neighborhood dogs chasing you around here’s your soap.

17. Is nothing sacred?

18. Salad too?

19. Yeah, put this on your bagels.

20. In case your pie wasn’t enough.

21. Not the beer….

22. Naturally.

23. Oh come on….really?

24. Et tu Pringles?

25. All right, who dragged the Middle East into this?

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