25 Unconventional Nativity Scenes

Christians today personalize a lot of their worship…even sacraments (theme weddings, anyone?). So it should come as no surprise that novelty and theme Nativity sets are a thing. Yes, you can make the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, super fun!

From the commercially available to the spontaneously curated collector’s diorama, these twenty five Nativity scenes will amuse the heck out of you. They may also cause you to clutch your pearls and say a couple Hail Marys for laughing.

25. Son of a duck.

You can have kids reenact the birth of Christ in the tub with these rubber ducks, available on Amazon.

24. A pop culture fan improvises.

I guess if you really love sci-fi and comics, but can’t afford to invest in an heirloom quality nativity set, you make it up as you go along.

23. Maybe these two holidays shouldn’t be combined.

The Day of the Dead is a really colorful festival and incredibly important and should probably not be mixed with Christmas.

22. O Holy Shower?

Okay, Amazon, we get it. Anything can be monetized.

21. Aloha, savior.

For the Christian who really loves Hawaii.

20. A Whovian interpretation.

This Doctor Who fan is such a completist, they added a dalek. Awkward. Maybe the dalek is Herod?

19. Well, the Jedi are wise men, so…

A Star Wars fan put together this scene that would almost look authentic from afar…if it didn’t have lightsabers.

18. “The chocobos were lowing…”

When you love Jesus AND Final Fantasy.

17. Nailing the zeitgeist.

The hipster nativity scene is real and actually available for purchase.

16. Recycling.

Well played, Mexican Coke. Not only do you have real sugar, you also make a great makeshift nativity.

15. Build your own.

LEGO is just awesome all around, isn’t it? What can’t you make?

14. The minimalist.

It says something about the nativity imagery that we can all look at this and immediately know who is who, but this is maybe a bit TOO sparse.

13. The Lord of the Rings (and also Lord of All).

A Redditor made a nativity out of action figures from Peter Jackson’s movies of Tolkien’s books. Tolkien was Catholic, so why not?

12. Sorta disturbing.

Somebody REALLY likes Spider-Man.

11. Game of Thrones (and Dominions).

Probably the most awesome use of Funko figures ever.

10. Gotta catch ‘em all.

This artist wanted her nativity to be the very best, like no one ever was.

9. Um…

Like the Day of the Dead version above, this seems ill advised.

8. That one time on Sesame Street.

If Bert, Cookie Monster, and Grover are wise men, I’m a size 2.

7. Sometimes dog lovers are weird.

Do you think it’d be easier to evangelize if Jesus was a puppy? Even atheists couldn’t resist a puppy.

6. Cat lovers are even weirder.

There are just tons of cat-themed nativity sets on Ebay, in case you need one (you probably do). How adorable is Jesus Kitten?

5. Harry was the chosen one, so…

Somebody made a Harry Potter nativity from scratch because of course they did. Five points to Gryffindor for period accuracy.

4. To boldly go where no savior has gone before.

Fans of the original Star Trek series can express their love of Christ AND their undying fandom by getting this on Etsy.

3. The Magic Kingdom (of Heaven).

The birth of Christ is witnessed by Winnie the Poo and Tigger, too.

2. “I’m a Jesus girl in a Barbie world.”

The Webb family submitted a nativity with Barbie and Ken, and I’m impressed. The period robes look hand sewn. The giant pine cone would probably have terrified actual Mary and Joseph, though.

And the number one Unconventional nativity scene is edible…unless you’re vegan.

This is disturbing, upsetting, and probably delicious. If you were spending Advent eagerly anticipating “meating” Jesus, this dish delivers in a big, juicy way. Holy cow!

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