28 Hilarious Thanksgiving Food Fails You Have to See

Thanksgiving is one of the biggest meals we cook each year and all it takes is one simple accident or mistake to ruin the entire meal. This could be why most people ask their guests to bring an item for the meal. It cuts down on the host’s multitasking as well as their risk of have having an epic fail that will be remembered, and talked about, for years to come. Open the wine and enjoy….

1. Raw, inedible squash and potato are probably not the best idea here.

2. I’d probably be trying to save some of those spuds instead of taking pics.

3. He seems so bummed. Bless his heart.

4. Well, at least the burn is an all over, even burn so there’s that.

5. I’m gonna guess that the turkey fryer was turned up a bit too high.

6. The oven is not the best place to flambé your food.

7. Not sure how one does this to an innocent Pecan pie but there it is.

8. The marshmallows on top of this sweet potato casserole are now ashes.

9. Well on the bright side it looks perfectly cooked so there’s that.

10. The turkey was already dead hun….you didn’t need to kill it again.

11. Never seen that before.

12. Who wants Chinese food?

13. Not even sure what this was supposed to be but it’s clearly beyond help.

14. Pumpkin pie soup?

15. Cranberries….maybe?

16. Blackened Pumpkin pie is not a thing….just sayin’.

17. Well, this gives the kids something to play baseball with after dinner.

18. The cranberries may not have made it but the cinnamon sticks sure tried.

19. How many glasses of wine does it take to be this happy after that?

20. Well, dang!

21. Who’s going to complain that the Brussels sprouts didn’t make it?

22. At least this can be fixed.

23. This green bean casserole made it….too bad the dish wasn’t so lucky.

24. How long did it take to realize that the turkey was too big for the fryer?

25. Pie blowouts are more common than you think

26. See?

27. How does it get this bad? Someone forgetting to check on the turkey?

28. Oh hey it’s done! The pop-up timer says so.

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