29 Memes That Show You the Difference Between Men and Women

1. Or any holiday…

2. It’s still butterflies!

3. This is true unless we are with a feminist friend.

4. OMG this is gross.

5. Namaste!

6. We are birds in public…in private we are birds too – buzzards.

7. This is 100% accurate.

8. Overthink or underthink…

9. Bad hair day requires a cap.

10. Or pearl necklas.

11. Self-esteem…it’s whacky!

12. Choices.

13. Exactly!!

14. We read each other.

15. We prefer to hunt our prey like a lioness.

16. Truth and it doesn’t matter if you’re fat either.

17. We don’t use barbers…

18. Time to shop!

19. It’s like they don’t care.

20. Right.

21. Well if we go the other way there is farting.

22. LOL

23. Women like to stand out.

24. Beauty is pain.

25. Hey they aren’t holding any purses.

26. Can the moon pose? No so….

27. Legit.

28. It’s called efficiency

29. This seems totally fair.

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