5 Dumb Myths About Being Middle Aged

We’ve heard it all before, getting older is the worst…our bodies hit the skids, we can’t move, we get sick andold men run off with their secretaries. Is this really what being middle aged is all about? If so, what’s the point of it all? It’s notreally like this at all. Things are not so bleak when you are middle aged not by a long shot. I have busted the top five myths about being middle aged with the hope that you relax and look forward to getting older!

1. You’ll stop having sex.

It’s not middle agedness that affects your sex life, it’s you. If you make yourself so busy that you lack the time or the energy to have sex, then you won’t have as much sex as you used to have. This can happen when you’re young as easily as it can when you’re old. Making sexual intimacy with your partner a priority is what affects your sex life not your age. Medical advancements have taken care of any of the conditions that would have inhibited your ability to perform so if you’re not making whoopie and you want to know why – look in the mirror. Most couples take advantage of the fact that their children have moved out and they renew the romance and take their relationship to the next level with increased intimacy…it’s not a bad place to be, I promise!

2. Midlife crises are everywhere.

Some people go through a mid-life “crisis” but it’s not as rampant as one would think and it’s not so much a crisis as it is a transition. Your kids are moving out, one of both of your parents may have passed away, your job is less fulfilling, etc. These are things that happen throughout our lives and they can bum you out but occasionally worrying about your futureisn’t a crisis, it’s life. Men buy a sportscar when they hit 50ish isn’t proof of a crisis, it’s proof that he can finally afford it now that he is more financially secure and has less to worry about now that his kids are grown. Normal life is not a crisis, it’s just living.

3. It’s too late to get healthy.

It’s never too late to get healthy and start exercising. Exercise is always a good idea and when you get older things like arthritis can kick your rear end, but regular exercise can help minimize the pain that comes with those conditions. Honestly, the worst thing you can do for your body is to slow down. Get out there and walk, bike or pick up some weights – you’ll be glad you did. You know what else is good to o when you get older – change your diet. A healthy diet can reverse Type 2 Diabetes and get you off some of those medications you are starting to need because as we age some of our organs aren’t going to be as efficient as they used to be so help them out. It’s never too late to get healthy.

4. You stop learning – your brain goes foggy.

Your brain can get foggy, if you aren’t getting adequate rest and nutrition. Unless you have a medical condition that can’t be controlled you never stop learning unless you choose to stop. Did you know that exercise in your middle age can help your memory and reduce the risk of dementia? Yeah, it totally can and there are studies out there to prove it, one done by the Beckman Institute in Illinois. Moderate exercise during your middle years can increase your hippocampus in later life. (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1352376/Dementia-Exercise-middle-age-improve-memory.html)

5. Pain is inevitable so accept it.

Pain comes with aging that is true but why accept it when you can do things to change it. Not everyone gets arthritis or other debilitating conditions but some of us do and it can suck. But that doesn’t mean you should just accept it as inevitable and do nothing. There are tons of things you can do depending on the condition: supplements, surgery, exercise, diet, etc. Never accept that anything is unchangeable without doing your research.

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