5 Hints That a Woman Is Interested in Having Sex with You

There are a ton of articles all over the internet written by men and a few by women telling you how to seduce a woman. I know, I’ve written plenty of them. There are also some telling you what to do or what not to do but not many telling you how you can tell if a woman wants to have sex with you. We really are not all that mystical, women are no different than men when it comes to sex, we want it too. We are different on how we show it – we are subtle. One of the reasons we are subtle is that we’ve all grown up being told that being a slut is bad and being a slut means having sex before marriage…yeah, even in this day and age. It’s not necessarily a good thing to tell women to remain virgins until marriage because they could end up with a husband who has no clue what to do with her. I’ve had crappy sex, I would not want to stay married to a guy who had no idea how to get me off. Anyhoo, we women give off major signals when we are ready to get naked but those major signals are only visible to people who are really looking. So, keep your eyes open and pay attention so you don’t miss your moment because if you do, we will move on without you.

1. She touches you intimately.
I don’t mean she will grab you by the genitals…though she may eventually. I mean that she will caress your arm, or your face…perhaps even rub your back, stroke your inner thigh as a prelude to you making the next move. To touch you intimately means she has moved into your space and has allowed you into hers. Touch is the most natural way we express desire, so if she is touching/caressing you in this way, she is thinking about sex.

2. She will arch her back.
Many women will arch their backs during arousal – this is something we can’t control we just do it instinctively. We do this because it accentuates the body parts associated with sex such as our bottoms and our breasts. It creates a very sensual pose that we are hoping you take notice of because we want to mate…with you.

3. Lip licking or biting.
We bite or lick our lips when we are getting excited. It’s not a conscious thing. It’s like your mouth watering when you get a juicy steak or an amazing dessert. Our bodies respond to stimuli and when we want sex it’s because we are getting stimulated. I mean, duh!

4. We flush, swell and dilate!
Those of us ladies who are fairer in complexion will noticeably blush but not just on our faces, our bodies will flush big league due to the adrenaline coursing through our veins. This happens to all women but it is visible on us paler chicks. That’s why cosmetic companies sell blush…it simulates the phenomena. Our blood vessels dilate in order to send the blood to our naughty place! This will cause us to swell in both our breasts and our puss. Another thing that dilates is our pupils…so even if the flush can’t be seen the dilated pupils can be and this is a flashing neon sign that we want you!

5. She invites you over/up or comes to your place.
Now let’s say that you miss all those other signs because you’re completely blind. A woman who invites you in after a date for a drink or something wants to take things to the next level and she wants to be comfy for the first time. This would be your sign. A bigger more obvious sign is if you ask her back to your place and she says yes…I mean, she’s all but said let’s get naked. A woman who is not interested in sex with you would never go back to your place after a date alone. So, if she does – this is it. I hope you have condoms.

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