5 Things Killing Your Testosterone Levels

Having normal testosterone levels is important for humans but especially for men. They need it to maintain their muscle mass, strength, sex drive, bone density and even emotional stability. There are several things that people do that lowers theirtestosterone levels and they need to pay attention so that they can try to avoid these things and maintain their health.

1. Vegan/Vegetarian diet

Men need more protein than women and they need complete proteins. Eating an exclusively vegan or vegetarian diet reduces their chances of eating properly.

2. Eating too much Soy

Soy based plants are full of estrogen. If men are eating too much or worse replacing meats with soy they are getting more estrogen then their bodies need. Men who replace meat with soy can end up losing 10% of their necessary testosterone levels.

3. Not enough exercise

Men need the hormones released by exercise to maintain their testosterone levels. Weight lifting is especially important in this area. The male body is made to work, move and exercise so ignoring biology is not a good thing.

4. Too much alcohol/beer

It turns out that the vegetation used to make beer is full of estrogen. Like soy, over consumption of this ingredient can add too much estrogen to your body and reduce your testosterone levels.

5. No enough sleep

The human body makes the majority of its testosterone while it sleeps so men need at least 8 hours of continuous sleep to keep their levels in the normal range.

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