5 Truths About Having a Crush

It happens to all of us at least once. It can happen to adults as well as grade school kids. It strikes males just as often as females. It’s the inevitable romantic crush. Having a crush on someone is not a problem it’s what that crush does to you that matters. Having a true, deep, romantic crush on someone can turn an otherwise normal person into a love stuck buffoon who can barely function. There are some truths about having a crush that can actually make a person cringe when they think back on how they behaved during their crush. Knowing these facts may help those who have yet to have a crush function better than the rest of us did during ours.

1. Practicing that new surname in writing about a million times.
Yeah, that’s what the girls do. We write down our name with the last name of our crush over and over again until we run out of paper and/or ink. We want to see our crush’s last name attached to our name because we just know that this will be our future name for the rest of our lives.

2. Checking the stars.
If you’ve got a crush then you better find out his/her birthday because you’ll definitely want to check out their astrological sign and your compatibility according to the stars. Oh, and if the charts say you’re wrong for each other don’t fret because that just means the stars are wrong….obviously.

3. Prepare to get embarrassed.
Yeah, this will happen constantly whenever your crush is present. The second he/she appears your mouth will cease to work or worse it will go into overdrive and you’ll spew stupid nonsense that no one understands. You may also get a temporary case of lockjaw where you can’t speak at all even when your crush addresses you directly. There is nothing more tragic than not being able to reply to the one you love because your mouth is stuck on silent.

4. Imagination overdrive.
When you’re crushing on someone hard your mind seems to dream up things you never thought possible. It may be mere fantasies about spending your life with them or perhaps it’s the kind where you start to distrust everyone around you because you imagine they are trying to ruin things for you or get in the way of you being with your crush. Calm down. This is just the insecurity that comes with a crush.

5. Everything about your crush is perfect to you.
You begin to discover that your crush is “perfect” in your eyes. Their voice, their hair, their body, their everything is just so dang perfect. If your crush listens to music you’ve never enjoyed suddenly you genuinely love that music. Same goes for style, food, entertainment and anything else you can think of. In fact this is the best way to figure out that you’re getting over your crush as well. It turns out you will start to think he/she isn’t so perfect after all when your crush on this person beings to wane. Your “perfection detector” is quite a useful tool when determining the depth of a true crush so use it wisely and often.

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