50 incredibly annoying things people say when they find out what state you’re from

Alabama – “Are you married to your sister?”
Alaska – “I bet you get a lot of snow in the winter.”
Arizona – “So how hot does it really get in summer?”
Arkansas–“[Whistles tune to ‘Deliverance’]
California–“Do you ever see movie stars?”
Colorado – “How high are you right now?”
Connecticut – “You must be rich.”
Delaware – “Do you pay taxes?”
Florida – “Did you go to a total party school?”
Georgia – “Were you in a sorority?”
Hawaii – “Aloha!”
Idaho – “Oh potatoes!”
Illinois – “So what is Chicago-style pizza, exactly?”
Indiana – “So glad you got out.”
Iowa – “If you build it they will come.”
Kansas – “Looks like we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”
Kentucky – “You mean I’ve been mispronouncing ‘Louisville’ this whole time?”
Louisiana – “Did your house flood during Katrina?”
Maine – “You must eat lobster every day.”
Maryland – “Please explain why you people cut pizza into squares.”
Massachusetts – “Say: I parked the car in Harvard Yard.”
Michigan–“What the heck is a Yooper?!”
Minnesota – “You betcha!”
Mississippi – “Why do Ole Miss fans yell ‘Hoddy Toddy’?”
Missouri –“Have you ever been to the top of the arch?”
Montana – “I’ve never met anyone from Montana!”
Nebraska– “How much of your state is just cornfields?”
Nevada – “Hookers are legal there, right?”
New Hampshire – “Have you actually seen a real moose?”
New Jersey –“You really have an accent!”
New Mexico – “Did you know they filmed Breaking Bad in New Mexico?!”
New York–“Oh so you don’t drive, do you?”
North Carolina–“It is humid there?”
North Dakota–“Does it snow all the time?”
Ohio – “I’ve only seen Ohio once and that was from the air.”
Oklahoma – “Ooh have you ever been hit by a tornado?”
Oregon – “Are you in a militia or are you from Portland?”
Pennsylvania – “Can I get an Amish quilt there?”
Rhode Island – “Family Guy takes place there!”
South Carolina–“How do you make sweet tea?”
South Dakota– “Which Dakota is that – the one with Mt. Rushmore?”
Tennessee – “Nashville is so cool.”
Texas – “Do you have a horse?”
Utah–“Are you Mormon?”
Vermont– “Oh cool, do you know where I can order some Canadian maple syrup?”
Virginia–“Must be nice living so close to Washington DC.”
Washington – “D.C. or Washington State?”
West Virginia–“What the heck is a Hokie?”
Wisconsin – “How do you drive in that crazy snow?”
Wyoming – “Dinosaur fossils everywhere!”

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