7 Chick Flicks Disguised as Guy Movies




  • The Hitman's Bodyguard

While Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan​​ Reynolds​​ provided plenty of action, there can be no doubt that this is a love story. ​​ Jackson and Reynolds are utterly charming together, but their love interests are the primary motives for all the car chases and explosions. ​​ And though it was hard to imagine Jackson as a romantic lead, his scenes with Salma Hayak are notable for their sexiness.  ​​​​ 




  • Top Gun

While there are things for dudes to enjoy – like fast airplanes – the movie features numerous scenes of shirtless men playing volleyball on the beach and the oh-so-intense sex scene while Take My Breath Away swells and the light plays over sweaty skin make this a definite chick flick. ​​ 




  • Jerry Maguire

A sports agent who has lost everything except one client, an average NFL player, seems like the setup for a great buddy movie. ​​ But it isn't. ​​ Renee Zellwegger, his one time co-worker who becomes his assistant, makes this one of the ultimate chick flicks. Over-the-top lines like "you complete me" and "you had me at hello" nearly erase all the sporty stuff and make this a tender love story. ​​ 




  • Ted

Seth MacFarlane's movie debut was funnier than most everyone thought it would be, with a trash talking teddy bear that comes to life and basically is your basic average single-dude nightmare. ​​ But trouble comes when John (Mark Wahlberg) decides to ask his girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis) to marry him. ​​ Lori likes Ted but she's concerned that their antics are immature and dumb, and they're preventing John from progressing in life.  ​​​​ When Lori saves Ted's life she realizes they can all three live happily ever after. ​​ Perfect chick flick.​​ 




  • Zombieland

A bad-ass Woody Harrelson as a zombie-annihilating, gun-weilding man on a mission to find a Twinkie seems like story where there would be little room for love - ​​ but you would be wrong.  ​​​​ Jesse Eisenberg and ​​ Emma Stone, as part of the group of misfits trying to avoid the zombies and get to California, steal the show with their moony looks and the lovely slow-dance scene.  ​​​​ 




  • Bull Durham

So much baseball, and then the lovey-dovey stuff with Susan Sarandon make this a chick flick dressed up like a dude movie. ​​ A successful one too; any woman who has seen it can recite the "I believe in…" speech.​​