7 items that women feel men waste too much money on

Ask any woman and we will tell you that we are the masters of spending money. If there’s a spare dollar in our pockets you can bet that we’ll find something to waste it on.

That being said, women aren’t the only ones who will whip out our credit cards willy-nilly. Men are also guilty of regularly overspending, though they may not know it. So here is a list of the 7 things that women think men spend WAY too much money on.

1. Guns/Accessories

Men spend money on guns and their accessories like women spend money on bracelets and shoes. I’m not entirely opposed to this, as I am a woman who likes her guns. That being said, if you’re going to rag on me for eying a $150 purse at the mall, then I get permission to dress you down when you’re looking at $600 firearms like you’re actually going to purchase them. This is not a one-way street, Todd.

2. Video Games

I love video games. Persona, Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, I love these games like they’re my own children. That being said, dudes don’t know how to buy games. They’ll pre-order to get a little something extra, and end up spending an additional $40. Oh, their friends are getting it on release day? Well then they have to as well so they won’t get left out. Me? I buy games pre-owned, or on sale. Even if I’m hyped for a game, I simply can’t bring myself to pay $60 for a game every time something I want comes out. I will admit that I’m guilty of doing this every so often (usually as a gift to my boyfriend) but men are simply terrible about it.

3. Alcohol

When it comes to alcohol, women and men couldn’t be more different. Women are perfectly happy with boxed wine and the occasional fruity mixed drink. Men like beer, but the thing they like most of all are the top-shelf bourbons. The more expensive, the better. Aside from the price alone, men have a tendency to buy more alcohol than women, as their bodies have a higher tolerance and they need to ingest more of it to feel it. All in all, we feel like they spend WAY too much money on liquor. Care to have a cosmo with us?

4. Sports

Being a sports fan is an expensive hobby to have, and given that men are more likely to be sports fans, they are of course going to spend the most money on it. Between tickets, jerseys, bets, and game-day drinks, it is insane how much your dude will drop just to watch a football game. It gets even more expensive if you are there in person, though the memories are arguably worth it.

5. Vehicles

Okay, so you’re not going to car auctions every weekend and stalking showrooms for your favorite brand’s newest models. That being said, women, we all know he is willing to drop more $$$ on a vehicle that has certain aspects that he wants, but doesn’t necessarily need. Not to mention all the after-market parts, personal “modifications” in the garage, rims that may or may not make his tires look like they belong on a bike, etc. For women, as long as it can get us from point A to point B without breaking down, we’re cool.

6. Technological Gadgets

When you first think about it, you would think that the female gender would spend so much more money on phones that dudes have no hope of keeping up. But my girls and I may have cornered the market on new iPhones, bros have their own addiction: Every other tech gadget. That means smart watches, computers, laptops, etc. For girls, a regular watch is fine, we don’t necessarily need a gaming computer to do what we need to (though some of us aren’t opposed to that), and any old laptop is fine as long as it connects to the Wi-Fi. Men, on the other hand, have to have the newest, the fastest, the sleekest of everything. Why? We don’t know, but there you have it.

7. Fast Food

This is arguably the most obvious of the list, but it needed to be included. Dudes are generally not going to cook for themselves unless they have a food allergy or live in the middle of nowhere. Because of that, they have a tendency to hit fast-food joints, cheap restaurants, the like. They also spend an obscene amount of money on microwave meals and junk food. (Believe me, I live with two boys.) I’m not knocking men for this, it’s just a fact. Besides, who would want to cook when you can just run to Chick-Fil-A and get some of their delicious nuggets?

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