7 Most Adorable Creatures You Have Never Heard of

I love looking at pictures of puppies and rabbits and all soft creatures. Large heads, big ears, big eyes, plump bodies and funny faces are usually the features that draw me to a sweet animal. I compiled a list of my favorite adorable rare animals that you may have never seen. You’re welcome!

#7 Sea Pig (Scotoplanes)

I want to squeal like a piggy when I see these little Sea Pigs. They get their nickname because of their fat round pink bodies. They look like an adorable squishy toy that can fit into the palm of your hand. I think I use to have a toy like that when I was little but it burst after a couple days. Thanks Sea Pig for being so cute and for cleaning the scum off the ocean floor for us!

#6 Poodle Moth

I wish I could just pet the thing! Not only does it have an adorable face but looks like a dragon with too much fluff. There are no hard facts about this moth since it is such a new discovery in 2009. It is fluffy and probably eats leaves and is about 28 to 38 mm big.

#5 tie Long-eared jerboas

Long-eared jerboa is a nocturnal mouse-like rodent with a long tail, long hind legs for jumping, and exceptionally large ears. They are found in the Palearctic ecozone. They grow up to about 3.5 inches long not including tail. They eat insects and leap high and are super-duper cutie pies!

#5 tie Panda Ant

Don’t be fooled by these adorable little crosses between a furry panda and an ant, they might not be what they seem. It turns out that although they do resemble ants, these little fuzzy are a coloration of a wingless female wasp. But don’t be alarmed, although their bite is painful they only bite in self-defense and nothing more. I think that deserves them a place on the list alone!

#4 Glaucus Atlanticus

Is it just me or do you think this is the cutest sea creature you have ever seen? Glaucus Atlanticus, believe it or not, are sea slugs with no shells. These slugs use camouflage by switching which side they are face up on; their backside is silver and gray so that they can blend in with the silt and their belly is dark and light blue to blend in with the water. They are predators that are only 1.2 inches in length eating Portuguesemen-o-war and the venomous siphonophore. I wish I had one in my hand right now…

#3 The Dumbo Octopus

This is probably one of the most adorable creatures alive. The Dumbo Octopus lives at depths between 9,800 and 13,100 feet in the water. The largest of these octopi was measured at 5.9 ft. and 13 pounds! They are seen worldwide in oceans with a deep enough depth. Probably the reason they got this name, they use their long ears to move water propelling it forward. He looks like a fun squeezy toy.

#2 Pygmy Marmoset

THIS THING IS SO TINY IT’S CUTE!!!!!! Just to prove how tiny this thing is, its max weight is 3.5 ounces and it is considered a gummivore since it only eats tree sap and some bugs. It lives at the edge of river forests and evergreens. Since this thing can fit just on your finger my head screams I WANT ONE!

#1 Fennec Fox

These ears are not only completely irresistible but they also serve a big purpose. These foxes are adept to live in very hot climates with their long ears that circulate blood. This helps in the hot climate of Africa and the Sahara where they also survive by using their highly sensitive ears to hear prey from underground. Conditions are harsh but the territory gave us this adorable animal.

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