7 Most Disgusting Fast Food Chain Foods

1. The Double Down- KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken offers this monstrosity which is two fried chicken breasts acting as the bread of a “sandwich,” the filling of which consisted of bacon, cheese, and something terrifyingly called “Colonel’s Sauce.” There’s also a hot dog option, in case your dream is to chow down on a hot dog wrapped in fried chicken.

2. Halloween Whopper- Burger King
You take a regular Whopper, then make it worse by turning the bun black. They say its from A-1 sauce, but it’s actually from all of the food coloring. If it’s not bad enough while you’re eating it, it has a pretty unpleasant surprise for you later, too. Yikes! This burger might actually be the scariest thing about Halloween.

3. McRib- McDonald’s
Ribs are fine, if you’re into that sort of thing, but these are missing one crucial thing. The ribs. Instead, it is a “barbecue flavored pork product sandwich” which is pressed into some kind of rib-shaped mold. They’re a limited-time menu item only available at certain times of year, and maybe those times should be limited even more.

4. Triple Baconator- Wendy’s
The baconator is two ¼ pound patties, 6 strips of bacon, mayo (gross), ketchup, and cheese. But you can triple it, by adding another beef patty and 6 more strips of bacon. There are rumors of an off-menu quadruple baconator, but I choose to close my eyes to such madness.

5. Hot Dog Bites Pizza- Pizza Hut
It’s a pizza ringed by little pigs-in-a-blanket type hot dogs. What? Why? How? It’s not still available everywhere, which gives me some hope for humanity.

6. Filet o Fish- McDonald’s
Fast food fish shouldn’t exist but, if it must, at least leave it to the experts at Long John Silvers. The type of fish has changed since the sandwich was introduced in 1962 to serve Catholic customers who didn’t eat meat on Fridays, but the sandwich has always been a fish filet, a slice of cheese, and tartar sauce on a steamed bun. I’m sure Catholics appreciate the effort, but this does little for the appetite.

7. Baby Back Rib Burger- Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr
Carls, Jr. and Hardees (they’re the same chain, just known with different names in different markets) aren’t known for being tasteful. Take the Carls, Jr. commercials with women eating and gyrating against cars, for example. Unfortunately, they have a sandwich that’s even worse. Remember everything I said about the McRib? Now, stick that on top of a burger patty, and stick that on top of onion strings. Why, fast food Gods? Why?

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