7 People Famous for Absolutely Nothing

1 The Kardashians

The First Family of Reality TV is utterly devoid of talent yet famous! Only in America. Kim Kardashian shot to fame by doing a sex video (which her mother, Kris Jenner, shopped around and sold) and she was able to bring the whole ridiculous clan up with her. Using the magic of crazy and vacuity, they’ve managed to earn more millions than you’ll ever see. Yay capitalism!

2 Stephen Baldwin

The least talented Baldwin has tried to hang on to his brother’s coattails to absolutely no avail. He tried to be an actor but quickly sank into reality TV land, appearing on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! And Celebrity Apprentice. Alsohis social media game is dismal:

3 Amber Rose

Do you know who Amber Rose is? Kenya West’s former girlfriend. Do you know what she does? Nothing! So why is her face plastered all over the place? Nobody knows. She calls herself a model and recording artist but she’s only appeared in a few cameos in other artist’s videos.

4 Courtney Stodden

You will be forgiven if you only barely remember her name. She made headlines in 2011 when she was 16 years old and married 51 year old actor Doug Hutchison. Since then, the couple has appeared on VH1’s Couple Therapy discussing their relationship – and that’s the extent of her ‘fame’. Yet she is photographed regularly, usually wearing a skirt that doesn’t completely cover her bottom, a bikini top and six-inch heals.

5 Paris Hilton

Paris is famous for being Paris. The socialite was famous for being a Hilton until she appeared on The Simple Life with her best friend, Nicole Ritchie. While she’s never quite become ‘a thing’, she at least has tried her hand a few occupations: she’s released a few singles and for a brief time designed handbags. Since then, she still appears at film premiers and at nightclubs. No talent, no problem.

6 Snookie

Snookie first burbled to public consciousness when she appeared on Jersey Shore. Devoid of talent, beauty, or grace, she’s managed to carve out a bizarre career for herself, simply being Snookie.

7 Tara Reid

After American Pie, the blonde starlet was on track to simply fade away into obscurity, but a paparazzi snapped her on a bikini, revealing a wonky breast augmentation. For some crazy reason, she began to appear often in US Weekly and officially was an ‘actress’ even though she’d appeared in nothing but American Pie. Now she appears on the crazy made-for-tv franchise, Sharknado. She’s still untalented, and what she is doing can barely be called ‘acting’ but nevertheless, she’s famous.

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