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7 People Who Went To Bizarre Lengths To Transform Their Bodies

Everyone has their own idea of perfection, and there are some who will go to great lengths to achieve what they believe to be their ideal body. While this might be strange to a lot of us (and let’s be honest, it really is,) these people are dedicated to making the changes that they want to see in themselves.

Here are 7 people who went to extreme lengths to transform their bodies.

1. Valeria Lukyanova (Human Barbie)

Valeria Lukyanova is a Ukrainian model who has spent upwards of $500,000 to look like the famous girl’s toy. ​​ She has an hourglass figure, with proportions of 39-18-35. She rarely eats, and recent articles have dubbed her as a “Breatharian” who subsists on not food or water, but “cosmic micro-food.” She believes that living as a human Barbie doll makes her the epitome of perfection. She claims that her body is natural and the result of a punishing diet and exercise regimen, stating that the only plastic surgery she’s gotten is to make her breasts larger. She says that her “look is only a side effect of my inner world.”

2. Vinny Ohh (Genderless Alien)

This young man from California​​ has already spent $50,000 on surgeries to turn himself into a “genderless alien” and plans to continue until he has his nipples, genitals and bellybutton removed. “I want to be a sexless alien being, I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside,” said Ohh in an interview. “The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female.” Because he felt like an outcast while growing up, he has decided to alter his appearance completely. He has received 35 face and body laser treatments, 12 cheek fillers, 2 brow fillers, 15 lip fillers, 10 fillers for wrinkles, 5 botox sessions, 5 nose procedures, 1 under-eye botox procedure, 5 facial peels, and 20 procedures of cryo face freezing. This is definitely more than what most people would be willing to put their body through for their ideal form.

3. Martina Adams (Martina Big)

Martina Big began her journey by increasing the side of her breasts until they reached a 35S bra size. She wanted to look like Barbie, or Pamela Anderson, and ended up getting a nose job and liposuction. Somewhere down the road, however, she decided that the changes that she made weren’t enough and decided that she was going to “become black.” With the help of injected tanners, she claims that she is “now the proud owner of black skin.” This has garnered her plenty of backlash on line, with many calling her racist for adopting the identity of a black woman when she was clearly born white.

4. Dennis Avner (Cat Man)

Former U.S. Navy Veteran Dennis Avner​​ had a whopping 14 surgeries to turn himself into a tigress (which was intentional, as he wished to blur the lines of gender as well as species.) Being part Native American, he liked to go by the name “Stalking Cat.” He was so enamored with felines that he did whatever he could to turn himself into one, complete with ears, whiskers, and a mechanical tail. “I am Huron and following a very old tradition have transformed myself into a tiger,” he said on his website. Unfortunately, he was found dead in a suspected suicide with his friends calling him “as troubled as he was remarkable.” He was only 54 at the time of his death.

5. Jasmine Tridevil (Three Breasted Woman)

Tridevil​​ has only ever had one surgery to alter her body, but it was bizarre enough to go viral. She claims that despite being a dominatrix, she was sick of men approaching her sexually, so decided to do something to herself that wouldn’t appeal to men but would make her feel pretty. So $20,000 and 1.5 hours later, she walked away with a third breast. While many claimed that this was just a hoax, she insists that they are all real, and refuses to care what anyone else thinks about her body. The young woman had plenty of trouble trying to find a surgeon to perform the procedure, but when she finally did, she was a very happy woman. There are those who suggested that this is a hoax and that Tridevil is lying about having a third breast added, but who knows?

6. Justin Jedlica (Human Ken Doll)

Jedlica has done a lot to his body to become the perfect human representation of a Ken-doll, Barbie’s love interest. He has spent an astounding $170,000 on the transformation, going under the knife for the very first time when he was just 18 and enduring 149 procedures total. Though he is insistent that he is not anatomically identical to Ken, and has not removed his genitals. "I have all these haters on my page being like, ‘Does that mean you want to cut off your penis?’" he said in an interview with The Daily Beast. "I’m like, 'actually, I wish it was dragging on the ground like anime.'" In fact, he says that Ken wasn’t even the inspiration behind his plastic surgery. He says it comes from Japanese manga, Joan Rivers, and Michael Jackson, though he does appreciate being compared to the male doll.

7. Krystina Butel (The Human Caricature)

Butel spent​​ a jaw-dropping $150,000 to look like a caricature that had been drawn of her when she was just 15. “When I saw the caricature for the first time on holiday, I was jealous of I,” she explained. “She was so glamorous. She was everything that I wanted to be. It was like she was holding the carrot out to me, showing me what I could be.” She has so far undergone “five breast augmentations, lip injections, botox, teeth whitening and semi-permanent make-up” and plans to have an eye brow lift and butt implants, as well as further breast augmentations, botox, lip injections and more to chase her dream of looking like the caricature.

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