7 Reasons Why Communism Is Bad

7. It Ignores Human Nature

Ah yes, just forsake your own way of life, your freedom and dreams. Once everyone does this for the good of the people, poof- utopia!The sad truth is that when the promised utopia never comes, the absolute misery caused by collectivised farms, authoritarian government and the utter smashing of your individuality, only continue to get worse.

Why? Your misery is proof that the system isn’t working. It’s always easier to get rid of someone who isn’t doing their part well enough than to accept the system doesn’t work. Everyone is an individual. Communists only see “the group.”

6. It Creates Class Struggle

With Communism, it’s all about the collective. The class struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisieis never-ending and the system that claims to end it keeps it going.

There is the government, who of course has all the power, and then everyone else. The government of course lives with a sort of comfort by enjoying the fruits of everyone else’s labor. As for the worker, it doesn’t matter if you’re a doctor or ditch digger, you’re paid the same low wage.

Take a look at Cuba. Tons of people living in poverty, while the Castros did very well for themselves.

5. No Financial Incentives

As mentioned above, if you’re a doctor or a ditch digger, you’ll make the same amount.

Without having the extra effort you make in your career ever being rewarded, there’s no incentive to do better and no hierarchy to climb and better your lot in life. You get to be poor forever. Lucky you!

4. Big Brother Is Always Watching

Everything you have must be government approved. Everything you say must censored in case an informant hears you. You are at the complete mercy of the ruling government.

In no way is an environment of such crushing fear and paranoia good for any society. Everyone has seen enough show trials to know gulag 13 is never far away no matter how well behaved you are.

3. Permanent Revolution

In order to bring about the utopia that communism promises, revolution can’t be anything but endless. There’s always another person who’s hoarding too much wealth, always another government that needs to be toppled.

The Kulaks in 1930’s Ukraine had too much, so their land was taken away and millions were murdered. Millions of others were sent off to Siberia to die in work camps over the following decades for being enemies of the revolution.

There can be no utopia without revolution, but because utopia can’t be attained, revolution can never end.

2. Starvation

There is arguably nothing more synonymous with communism than starvation. In the 1920’s the Soviet Union began collectivizing the farms, taking them from people and putting them under state control. The idea was that as Russia was industrializing, enormous amounts of food would be needed for the workers in the cities. This lead to the deaths of millions and yet was only the beginning.

From 1958-1961, Mao and communist China would attempt the same thing. In just three years, an estimated 43 million people died. It turns out feeding millions is hard to do.

1. It Always Leads To Death

No other single form of government or ideology has killed so many so quickly. In the past 100 years, nearly 100 million people have died because of communism. The collectivizing of farms led to mass starvation. Violent revolutions and mass imprisonment became endemic in communist countries.

If you really don’t understand why communism is bad yet, read “The Gulag Archipelago” by Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn. Nothing could make it more clear.

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