7 signs that you’re getting old

As we age we change. Our body doesn’t work as well as it used to and our minds are more closed off to new ways of thinking and doing things especially if they make us feel stupid or out of control. While we all know that change happens whether we like it or not that doesn’t mean we have to welcome it or in some cases accept it. My best advice for getting old is to expect change, roll with it and if you need to accept it to make life easier then get yourself a teenager to help you as often as possible especially when using your computer and smart phone.

1. Being asked to “turn it down”.

For some reason the older we get the louder the television gets. We don’t necessarily need to have hearing loss for this to happen. I believe it’s just our way to make sure we keep paying attention to the television and have an excuse to ignore the noises made (or silly questions asked) by others in the house. Either way, if it’s my TV then good luck finding the remote because it’s probably in my bra.

2. We keep saying “turn that music down”.

We do this and I don’t know why. There just seems to be something about music being too loud when we’re older even though we’re the same people who want the TV to be loud….Go figure.

3. Nap time is any time.

There is no bad time to take a nap when you’re older. I will nap while visiting you or while you’re visiting me. Napping is a right when you’re old and it can be done at anytime and anywhere. Okay, I try to not do it when I’m driving, cooking or talking on the phone but other than that all bets are off.

4. Thinking everything is either stupid or broken.

It seems that the older we get the more things we find to be either stupid or broken neither of which is actually true. This is simply old-timer speak for I can’t figure out how this works and I don’t want to feel stupid or out of touch. In other words we just pretend that it’s not our fault that we can’t get something to work. Again, this is where I recommend finding yourself a reliable teenager to help you master your “smart” gadgets.

5. Hearing your parents words come out of your mouth.

You know you’re old when you hear yourself saying the same things your parents said. Not only do you hear their words but they are usually the words you hated hearing come out of their mouths when you were young. Sometimes it’s so bad that you actually hear their voice as well. It’s as if you are possessed by your parents and they are speaking through you.

6. Those creaking sounds aren’t your floorboards.

Getting old means hearing noises come from your body that you’re not making intentionally. These noises including cracking, popping and creaking bones and joints. It also includes the noises you make involuntarily as you move. These noises are usually moans, groans and grunts that come out as you experience the pains of getting older. Please note that these noises are louder than you think and others can usually hear you so be mindful of that if you can.

7. There is never enough time.

When you’re younger you seem to believe that there will always be more time left to do things, go places or talk to people you haven’t talked to in a while. As you get older you realize that time is your enemy and that there is never enough of it to do all the things you want to do. I’m sure it doesn’t help that it takes more time to do everything when you’re older because you’re doing those things so much slower than you used to. Older people don’t need to find the time, instead they learn to make the time because being full of regrets is yet another thing that bothers older people.

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