7 Signs you are not an Alpha Male

Being an Alpha male has less to do with physical size and strength and more to do with being mentally and emotionally powerful. While it’s probably accurate to say that Alpha males can fix their own cars it’s not the only thing that defines them. Men want to listen to Alpha males as much as women do. Alpha males are leaders who can be trusted and that’s why they have followers. The good news is that not all men can or should be Alpha males. After all, every good Captain needs sailors to get the ship from point A to point B. So while there’s no shame in not being a true Alpha male there are signs and here are 7 of them just to help you know where you stand.

1. You whine.
Alpha males don’t whine and complain. They will work their butts off with some of the most excruciating pain you can imagine and never complain. They just do what needs to be done and that’s that. So if you complain over and over about an old injury, current pain or pretty much anything at all then most likely you’re not and Alpha male. An Alpha male’s interpretation of “suck it up” is way different than yours.

2. You lie.
Alpha males don’t need to lie. They don’t care what you think. They are so confident in their actions and words that they feel no need to lie. If you find yourself lying to cover your butt or just get out of talking to a telemarketer on the phone then you’re not an Alpha. If you think you’re an Alpha male but not sure then just ask a real Alpha because he’ll tell you the truth and then you’ll know.

3. You wear outfits.
Alpha men wear clothes to fit the job or occasion. Period. They don’t need to match or wear what is in style. They don’t care what anyone thinks about their clothes. If you need to look stylish or have “a look” when you’re going out then you’re not an Alpha. (And if your g/f or wife picks out your clothes then just give up on even wondering if you’re an Alpha)

4. You blame others rather than take responsibility for your actions.
If you’re the sort that can pass the buck then you’re not a real Alpha male. Blaming others is a sure sign that you have no confidence in yourself and self-confidence is the main trait of a true Alpha.

5. You’re a brown nose.
If you find yourself kissing up to your bosses then you’re not Alpha. Fact is…. that person you’re kissing up to is probably the Alpha in your office. Real Alpha males refuse to kiss up to anyone. They do their jobs, have confidence in their work and have no need to kiss up to anyone.

6. You panic and act before you think.
If you panic in emergencies or act before you think things through then don’t even wonder if you’re an Alpha. You’re not. Alpha males are confident so they have no need to panic even in the worst of times. While you may see one act instantly it’s because he’s sure of himself and what needs to be done. Alpha males are true leaders for a reason. So just get in line and follow if you tend to panic.

7. You talk trash about others behind their backs.
A real Alpha male has no time or reason to gossip or talk trash. They’re too busy being real men. If you’re the sort of guy who would rather talk trash around the water cooler than fix the water cooler then you’re not an Alpha. If you have the need to know what an Alpha male thinks you of then you’ll need to ask him directly because you won’t find out from the other folks in the office.He doesn’t bother to tell him. On the bright side….if you ask him he will tell you exactly what he thinks because he won’t lie to you.

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