7 Signs You’re Going to Get Fired

1. Your boss stops talking to you. In healthy workplace relationships, bosses talk to people all the time. If you suddenly notice that your boss no longer stops by your desk or asks how things are going, it could be a red flag that he or she no longer cares about your input.

2. You stop getting deadlines. This could be because your workload lightens or because your work just isn’t that much of a priority for the company anymore. In any case, take note of it.

3. You’re excluded from meetings. A daily phone call might suddenly become not that important after all, or your weekly status updates are postponed. In either case, it could be because your boss doesn’t really care if or when your work gets done.

4. Your job has become impossible. If you’ve had necessary resources removed, or if the workload has suddenly become unreasonable, it could be because your boss is trying to set you up to fail.

5. You’re asked to account for every bit of your time or expenses. Where your boss might have shrugged at your expenses before, he or she might suddenly demand to know if you really needed to add a second drink to dinner or if you’re accounting for your time, even bathroom breaks could be scrutinized. This could be because your boss believes you’re unproductive, and you’re using up more resources than you provide.

6. Your perks start to evaporate. If you’ve previously been allowed to work from home, or take half days, and you’re suddenly required to be in the office full-time, it could be because your boss wants to keep an eye on you. Likewise, if you previously got other perks like event tickets and now you’re left out, you should definitely be on high alert.

7. You’ve noticed strange behaviour from your co-workers. You sense they’re avoiding you, or maybe you overhear a piece of gossip that sounds like it could be about you. That could be an indication that your performance has been talked about, or that they know something you don’t. You should pay attention to that feeling.

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