7 Terrifying Pictures From History That’ll Make You Glad You’re Alive Today

1. Humans for sale. Image of auction houses where human beings were bought and sold should chill the heart of every person who sees them – and make them thankful that they are alive today, and not back then.

2. Previous eras were full of terrible abuses of the mentally disabled and insane, such as this “treatment”. Be glad you live in a time of compassion and readily available pharmaceuticals.

3. In days gone by, children were put in boxes and hung outside the window to give them fresh air. Thank goodness we’re more enlightened these days.

4. Images from the Great Depression put in stark relief the wealth and creature comforts we have today.

5. Be thankful that medicine and dentistry have improved since this woman was tortured with this device.

6. A woman takes her baby for a walk in a gas-resistant pram.

7. Before the widespread use of the polio vaccine, victims had to live in an iron lung.

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